Co-founders Nadia and George wanted to create a platform for ordinary people to share their wisdom.

We all have that great friend who is AMAZING and wise beyond their years. Funnily enough, that friend probably doesn’t have in excess of 3,000 insta followers and their small business probably cannot afford to be in your top 10 google search. So how do you find them?

We wanted to bring all of those clever people together and out into the spotlight, so we could all learn from them. In the age of endless advertisements, we recognised a frustration to get(trust) good advice. Where could you go? Was there a place?

We couldn’t find one, so we created our own.  

Get to know us better:

What's the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Nadia: “Eat this *insert name of any vegetable here* it’s good for you!” – My Dad.

George: I guess it depends on the context. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

What item/s make you happy?

Nadia: The artwork and photos around my house.

George: BOOKS, fashion, architecture and COOKING!

What does your normal Sunday look like?

Nadia: Coffee, walking the dog, reading and some chores (like any good adult).

George: Up early with the kids, make pancakes, go for a walk to the park. Coffee and coffee. Food shop and a nice dinner. I like to cook a more time consuming dinner on Sundays. 

Who would you love to meet?

Nadia: Oprah

George: Ricky Gervais

 What is your favourite quote?

Nadia: Don’t over think it, just start.

George: Pass. I have too many.

What/who makes you laugh? 

Nadia: My husband, friends and Ricky Gervais.

George: Friends, Family and good old Ricky. Nadia and I spend a good proportion of our friendship laughing. 

Why did you start The Wisdom of the Ordinary?

Nadia: I was meeting so many clever people who helped with different aspects of my life. Career, investment, health, wellbeing and even things I had no idea existed! I also observed lots of unqualified people becoming so influential through social media (often paid advertisements). I wanted to bring real people together. Ordinary people are SO worthy to contribute and influence, they just need somewhere to do it.

George: I’m lucky enough to surround myself with very intelligent, successful people. Nadia proposed the concept to me and it made perfect sense!