Style Vs Trend

Don’t change to fit the fashion, change the fashion to fit you. 

I encourage you to decide on a personal style and be true to it. You can then nod to modern trends rather than bow to them. Allowing the best of both worlds and the end to fashion faux pas.

There is currently so much on offer, it is easy to cheat on your personal style. Without loyalty though you’ll end up throwing money away and occasionally your dignity (hellooo 2002 when I thought I could get away with hipster jeans and an exposed G-String-Thanks for nothing Christina Aguilera). 

I’m all for following trends to a certain point. The fact is not ALL trends will suit everyone. Nor are they meant to. Style takes time to nail but it is incredibly important. It’s how you present yourself to the world. Once you have it figured out it’s an asset that will serve you for the rest of your days. 


Step one:

Firstly establish what suits your figure. What you like and what suits you isn’t always one and the same. Once you wear something that’s flattering you will be drawn towards these shapes. If you don’t know what suits your figure then PLEASE employ a stylist, it’s money well spent and you can use these lessons forever. If you can’t afford a professional then find a friend, colleague or family member to shop with. Someone who you feel always looks great and who is honest. Do not rely on the store salespeople alone. They have sales targets in mind, not always your wellbeing.  


Step two:

This is an easy one. Ask your selected friend to come shopping with you. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. Be brave and listen to their opinion. Don’t go on a day you feel sensitive. You’ve asked them for authenticity, respect that. Be kind and buy them a food court lunch as well.  


Step three:

Buy the basics! I’ll cover this in detail in another article. The general rule is 5-10% of your wardrobe should be a new trend. For instance, if you’ve got your winter staples nailed, go ahead and buy the leopard print jacket. Permission granted!

Now for trends:

Each seasons trends change so rapidly, it would be stupid to try and keep up with all of them, plus you’d end up looking like a hot mess. And why would you want too? It’s tiring keeping up with the Jones’s. Ever noticed groups of teens who all wear a variation, if not the same thing? You’re an adult now.

Current Trends you can nail:

The waist

Currently the waist is on show, whether it be high waisted pants, skirts or an exposed mid drift. This is flattering for those who have smaller waists. If your waist isn’t your strong point you can still “nod to this trend”. Try a palazzo pant with a tucked in tee. Skip the exposed mid drift. Buy a good show off belt.


Ugly Sneaker

The “ugly platform sneaker” is now back in headlines like its originators the Spice Girls.  Choose a clean white sneaker with a slightly elevated platform. This is a nod, leave the bowing to the teens.



We are now two seasons deep into this trend, If you aren’t ready to go full on Fran Drescher and go head to toe animal then I suggest a leopard print jacket or bag. BUT don’t spend a fortune on this one. It won’t be around long. 



Nod to neon would be a neon bag or neon skivvy. Leave the full neon (including wig) to the Kardashian/Jenner clan who can afford to take photos until an angle looks good. This isn’t a real life look. Sorry to disappoint.  


Shoulder trend

Or more specifically the relaxed suiting trend. I love this trend! Word to the wise don’t go over the top with the large shoulder, you really need to be a 6 foot supermodel to embrace this one. Otherwise you might look like you’ve stolen your dads jacket for the day. Best to style this with a short skirt or bike pants just to balance it out.

Written by Georgina Shorter

Georgina has had a career in fashion for the past 15 years and is currently launching a childrenswear label.