The $ per wear rule

When I was a poor uni student I found myself with a mild retail therapy problem. I don’t know what void it was filling, maybe just a very hungover brain making poor decisions. Either way I had little money but was working 3 part time jobs. I also had “nothing to wear”. My wardrobe was busting with clothing that was ill fitting or didn’t even fit at all! I like to think I’m not the only one who has had that conversation with myself in the change room right?  “It’s 50% off! I’ll just lose those few kilos by next weekend and this will look amazing!”

I was also seduced by those perceived bargains. “It’s only $15, get it!”

Call it a coming of age thing but I was also keen to explore new looks. I’d think, yeah I can pull off this pink fluffy sweater with an orange skirt and look just like the Sex and the City cast. “It’s totally low key to go to class in that, no one will notice how hard you’re trying”.

My home mirror always showed a different reflection though. Pink and orange are not my thing. I don’t look like Sarah Jessica Parker. I’d always chicken out and leave the house in the same old jeans instead. 

Eventually, the desire to be a home owner took over and I needed to start being more savvy. That’s when I came up with the simple $ per wear rule. It’s as basic as it sounds. You assign a $ per wear amount to your clothes when shopping and don’t go past it.

E.g. $5 per wear means you need to wear a $20 top at least 4 times for it to be take home worthy.

When I really needed to tighten my belt, I went down to $2. I couldn’t ever stick to $1 but if you think you can, go for it! I put other rules around it as well (excludes formal and foot ware for instance).

Play around with it yourself. Maybe consider a time restriction instead? $5 per wear AND I have to wear it in the next fortnight. That’ll stop you from buying 3 pairs of tiny shorts you can’t sit down in during the winter sales right? 

Now that I’m having an affair with the online shopping world I take these rules more seriously than ever. Let’s face it, on a Friday night after a few vinos you can convince yourself of anything.   

It’s a simple rule but a thought process and that’s probably the most important thing.

Happy shopping!