Why my dog might be the wisest person I know


Anyone close to me knows I have a slight obsession with self development and lifestyle books. I have them spattered all over my house. Most have had a hard life too. They are highlighted, dog eared, bookmarked and written in. I genuinely love learning about how others live and applying snippets of their wisdom into my own life. It takes up a large part of my downtime and provides me a great amount of joy.

My dog however is no reader. In fact, she loves nothing more than to chew my precious books given half a chance. In observation I have realised that she applies many of these authors tips to a great life. More importantly, she appears to give no thought to them at all. Her daily routine is the stuff of health and wellness gurus globally:

·         She stretches every morning and after every snooze;

·         She exercises;

·         She eats until she is full and leaves the rest;

·         She drinks plenty of water;

·         She is loyal to her passions and loved ones;

·         She makes sure she gets enough sleep;

·         She makes mistakes and just moves on;

·         She practices mindfulness.

Every. Single. Day.

Impatiently waiting around for her to finish stretching one morning I was stopped short. She follows her instincts. She listens to her gut. I felt like a bit of an idiot to realise I ignore my own instincts all the time. I recognised that most of my frustrations and injuries (physical and mental) have come from ignoring my own instincts.

I’ve read and listened to many qualified people tell me to do what comes naturally for her. I’ve nodded along with glee. Yes, yes, yes! It all makes perfect sense. I rarely applied it.

Obviously as a human I have responsibilities that she doesn’t have. It’s not always easy to prioritise self care in a day. And before you comment, no I am not disillusioned, she does some pretty dumb shit too. The lesson is, she knows what’s good for her and she choses that every day without hesitation.

Pretty wise if you ask me. 

Written by Nadia Ditrocchio

Image fb/the idealist